We  use Armor SealTM A350 Coating (best product in the lower mainland). Contains sand for superior traction. Strict attention to detail-edging done by hand.






  • Gives your driveway a new black Appearance
  • Greatly extends the life of your pavement.
  • Protects against weather.
  • Prevents Oxidation.
  • Easier Maintenance.



We are a Full Service Pavement Seal-coating Company.  Every job includes all prep work (cleaning and repairs). Professionally brushed seal-coating and asphalt is ribboned off with fluorescent ribbon to prevent vehicle and foot traffic while drying and curing !!.

We also Seal Coat asphalt parking lots and industrial areas. We can arrange for line marking and patching if required.

resists gas oil salt


Armour Seal protects asphalt against the highly damaging effects of gas and oil seepage and all other chemicals, especially alkali's and winter salts.

stops weather damage


Sealing asphalt prevents water seepage into the porous asphalt structure, stopping water damage caused by rain, snow, frost, freezing and thawing.

prevents oxidation


The suns rays hardens and dries out the asphalt surface. This accelerates raveling, erosion and can reduce asphalt thickness by as much as half in just 5 years.

beautifies pavement


Attractive slate-black appearance ensures original color to asphalt and keep to an even-textured finish.